Window Alert Window Decals

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Prevent bird deaths! Millions of birds die each year from window strikes. Our life-saving decals let birds "see" your windows and they help protect birds from deadly collisions.

Birds crash into windows because they see a reflection of clouds, sky and trees—they think they’re flying into open air. Our UV coated decals break up the scene by reflecting ultraviolet light—light that’s visible to birds, but not to us. Birds see the decals as a solid blue image on the window and realize they can’t fly through it, while the decals appear transparent to us.

For best results, put a decal (or a group of decals) on every three square feet of your outside glass surface. Set of 4 static-cling  Decals, each 4-1/2 inches wide. Available in hummingbirds, leaves, butterflies, or  snowflakes.