Mason Bee Nesting Tubes

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Cardboard nesting straws are attractive to mason bees and are an economical way of starting with mason bees. The  Beediverse straw nests are closed at one end and are ready for use. Simply set straws into a dark water-proof container to protect them from rain and direct sun. Fix container onto a sunny wall of a house or shed before bees emerge. Bees emerge in March-April, mate and then females look for nesting tunnels.

Straws are meant for a one-time use. Once the bee uses the nest, dirt and parasites decreases the livability of the nest. If a straw is left empty in the first year, it can be set out again the following spring.

In the fall (Oct-Dec) unfurl straws and gather hibernating mason bee cocoons. These can be washed and stored over the winter ready for the following spring.

Store washed cocoons in the Beediverse Cocoon Release House  for safe spring emergence of bees. Bees will emerge and search for a new nest. Set out a Beediverse Tray Set nest. These make an ideal nest because tray sets can be re-used year in and year out.

Available in order sizes of 20, 35, 75, and 100.

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