Chickadee Nest Box Kit from I Can Build It

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  • made from recycled wood and plastic 
  • professionally designed 
  • made from B.C. Red Cedar 
  • galvanized nails/exterior screws  
  • kits complete with instructions and hardware 
  • pre-drilled holes for easy assembly 

The Chickadee Bird House Kit is manufactured by a local B.C. supplier from recycled western red cedar. We have sold this same build-it-yourself nest box kit in our physical store for 22 years. It features a 1-1/8 inch hole size located 5 inches above the floor of the house which keeps the nestlings safe. Ventilation openings in the roof, and drainage hole in the floor keep the nestlings dry and comfortable. Pre-drilled nail holes make it easy for even a child to assemble. All you need is a hammer! The front of the house opens for careful observation, and cleaning in the Fall. Mount your Chickadee Nest Box at least 6 feet high on a fence or tree trunk.