Hummer Hearth Hummingbird Feeder Heater

Now it's Easy to Keep the Nectar Flowing in Your Hummingbird Feeder this Winter

If you feed hummingbirds, you know how awful it feels to wake up in the morning to a frozen hummingbird feeder. You miss out on the joy of watching those incredible creatures. More importantly, what are those little guys going to eat? If your feeder is frozen, so is your neighbor's.

The Hummer Hearth provides an effective, simple solution to frozen hummingbird feeders. Simply attach Hummer Hearth to your hummingbird feeder then turn on before the temperature dips below freezing. ***Please note the Hummer Hearth is a separate item. It does NOT include an actual hummingbird feeder***

  • Effective. The Hummer Hearth, with its simple yet effective design, will keep a smaller hummingbird feeder thawed to about 15 degrees F with a single 7 watt light bulb (included).
  • Easy. The Hummer Hearth is easy to attach to a wide range of hummingbird feeders with a ring-style perch. It is held in place with adjustable hooks.
  • Simple. A 7 watt or (optional) 15 watt incandescent light bulb applies heat to the bottom of the feeder which gently heats the nectar to a safe temperature and prevents freezing.
  • Versatile. A 15 watt bulb (not included) will typically keep a smaller feeder thawed to about 5 degrees F. (This is a guideline; feeder type and conditions affect the freezing point.)
  • Inexpensive to Operate. Your Hummer Hearth uses just pennies of electricity a day.

Feeders come in a dizzying array of styles; some are great candidates for the Hummer Hearth; some are not. You may want to consider using a feeder better suited to the Hummer Hearth during the freezing season.

Feeder Features that Work Best with a Hummer Hearth

The Hummer Hearth will provide at least some freeze protection to any feeder to which it is attached. Certain features help the Hummer Hearth to keep nectar thawed at lower temperatures. Here are some ideal candidate hummingbird feeders:

  • Flat or Rounded Bottom
    Hummer Hearth works best when in contact with the bottom of the feeder without any air gaps. If a feeder has parts protruding from the bottom an air gap is created and heat will escape.
  • Smaller Size
    The heat of a 7 watt or 15 watt light bulb in the Hummer Hearth keeps the nectar from freezing (without allowing the nectar to get too warm). The larger the feeder the more heat is required. A 15 watt bulb will help keep smaller feeders thawed to lower temperatures, as low as 5 degrees F.
  • Feeder Placement
    Wind chill will significantly affect Hummer Hearth performance. Whenever possible, position your hummingbird feeder in an area protected from winds; additionally a rain/snow cover helps as well.
  • Plastic Construction
    Plastic hummingbird feeders will stay thawed at lower temperatures than metal feeders. Plastic is a better insulator of heat than metal.

What People Love About Their Hummer Hearth

  • Easy to install, remove, and clean
  • Safety. UL compliant outdoor-rated cord with built-in fuse.
  • Adjustable mounting hooks fit wide range of feeders.
  • Attractive. Provides pleasing red glow.
  • Saves time. It's easy to see when it's time to refill the nectar; you won't have to go out in the cold just to check.
  • Safe for birds. Will not over-heat nectar (when used as directed).
  • Money-saving. Uses barely a trickle of electricity; costs just pennies per day to operate.
  • Green. 3-D printed using non-petroleum based plastic in a modest, energy-efficient shop.