Hummingbird Feeder Heater

Finally a solution for keeping your hummingbird feeders ice-free! Designed to be used outside in all weather conditions.  This is a high-quality unit that any standard commercially-available hummingbird feeder can hang from.  The Feeder Heater keeps your humming bird feeder from freezing in cold weather (down to about 15 -20 degrees F., or 12 - 17 degrees below freezing).

The feeder heater not only keeps the food liquid, it provides a space for the birds to warm themselves.  As a nice bonus, the birds look incredible under the light; hummingbirds have iridescent feathers which explode in color under the light of the feeder heater. Please note the hummingbird feeder in the image is not included.

Each Feeder Heater includes the following:

  • An adjustable 15" brass chain to hang the unit

  • An adjustable 11" brass chain to hang your humming bird feeder below the unit

  • A beautiful 9.5" high, 5-sided cedar wood shingle weather cap

  • Brass details & appointments

  • Standard 90W floodlight. 

  • Fully grounded, three-wire plug

  •  Care and use instructions