Mason Bee Trays-72 holes

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This larger version (72 nesting holes)  is equivalent to buying two sets of the smaller trays (60 nesting holes) sets and getting 12 more nesting holes at no extra cost.

Beediverse trays are designed to give your mason bees a fresh start every year. They are attractive and readily used by mason bees.

The interlocking pieces are easy to assemble, long-lasting and durable. Our nests are designed to be taken apart in the fall, for cleaning and to rid the cocoons of any harmful mites.

72 nesting holes in each set.

Create your own unique shelter to hold these ready-to-use nesting trays and protect them from direct sun and rain.

Insert horizontally into a dark container e.g. such as the Highrise 2-3 inches deeper than the length of the trays (i.e., 8-10 inches).


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