Hummingbird House

Experience the thrill of watching a hummingbird build her nest and raise hummingbird chicks right in front of your eyes with the Hummingbird House™.

A female hummingbird's top priority for nest location seems to be a sheltered location. Her priority probably stems from the fact that hummingbird eggs are thrown out of nests built on tree branches that gyrate and sway in high winds.

A hummingbird's desire to nest out-of-the-wind may also explain why this bird nests in seemingly odd places, such as on sheltered porch/patio fixtures. Placing a Hummingbird House out of the wind at your home makes it easier for your hummingbirds to nest.

The Hummingbird House kit includes two nesting platforms (doubling your chances of success!), mounting screws for each, foamie maple leaves as roofing material, cotton nesting material and instructions on best placement practices.

Proven sucessful with Anna's, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Magnificent and Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.