DVD-All About Mason Bees

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This 47 minute step-by-step video shows you what you need to know about caring for your mason bees and more!

  • Watch inside nesting tunnels while mason bees make mud walls and deliver pollen to their nest. It includes extraordinary footage of a female bee laying an egg- footage by Bob Chappell.
  • Watch mason bees gather mud from a hole dug into the soil.
  • Watch Dr. Margriet Dogterom follow simple techniques of cleaning and washing mason bee cocoons.
  • Watch closely while
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  • various bees pollinate flowers!
  • With this video you will:

    • Learn the secrets to attracting mason bees to your garden!
    • Find out which nests are most suitable for your garden
    • Learn how to wash cocoons and how to deal with pests!

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Scene Selections:

  • Mason Bees
  • Pollination and Bees
  • Setting up Nests
  • Early Spring
  • Spring
  • Inside the Nest
  • Fall - Removal of cocoons from nest
  • Fall Cleaning - Removal of pollen feeding mites
  • Fall Cleaning - "Candling" Removing parasitic wasps
  • Pests - Mites
  • Pests - Parasitic Wasps
  • To Summarize